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Research Center for Radiation Medicine was founded in October 1, 1986. It is a major institution in the country concerning health problems after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and related problems of radiation medicine and radiobiology in Ukraine. Since 1998 Center collaborates with WHO on medical preparedness and assistance in radiation accidents.

The first director of the Center was academician of NAMS of Ukraine A.Y. Romanenko. In the years 2001-2011 the Center was led by the member- correspondent of NAMS of Ukraine V.G. Bebeshko. Since 2011 and until now the Director-General of the National Research Center for Radiation Medicine (NRCRM) - is member-correspondent of NAMS of Ukraine D.A. Bazyka

In the field of basic research worldwide priority is research of mechanisms of action of ionizing radiation on the human body at the molecular, tissue and organ levels. In the Center the first time in the world were created an international database of clinical-laboratory monitoring and treatment of radiation injuries and the unique clinical and epidemiological registry of victims of the Chernobyl accident. Radiation risks of leukemia and other stochastic and nonstochastic effects of ionizing radiation were determined. The main scientific achievements of NRCRM also include the development of fundamental problems of radiation-hygienic regulation, dosimetry certification.

There are about 1500 employees at the NRCRM, of which 239 ones in section "science". Research stuff is 159 workers (35 doctors of sciences, 66 candidates of sciences, 20 professors, 1 academician of NAMS of Ukraine and 2 corresponding members of NAMS of Ukraine). There are 9 Honored workers of science and engineering of Ukraine, 7 Honored doctors, 1 Honored worker of healthcare of Ukraine. Significant event was the recognition of the organization as a world-renowned research center in the field of medicine and granting the status of the National Research Center in 2011.