World for Ukraine

From The Founder

As a result of the war carried out by Russia on the entire territory of Ukraine, more than 21,500,000
refugees were forced to leave their homes, 7,500,000 of which are
minor children who fled their homes in search of asylum in more
safe places in Ukraine, as well as about 7,600,000 Ukrainian refugees left for
the borders of your country.

According to information published by UN Today, 65% of Ukraine's population lives
poverty, striving to survive daily on a monthly income of 60-90
US dollars. Children and adults of all ages are hungry and denied access to
minimal health care, being on the brink of survival every day.

Due to historical circumstances, the country of Ukraine is one of the oldest
civilizations dating back to 30,000 BC, and today citizens of Ukraine
remain united as one proud, independent, patriotic and peace-loving nation.
Ukraine has not experienced such catastrophic military consequences and economic,
humanitarian depression since World War II, so all of us, the founders
fund "World for Ukraine" Inc., we consider it our secret duty to provide
immediate assistance to people in need, as well as help preserve the future of this
freedom-loving nation.

As the founder of the World for Ukraine Inc. foundation, I appeal to the same caring
people like you asking for help in achieving our goals, because we do not
We can do this job without your help. And for this reason I invite you
visit our website and choose your donation method today. Your money will
used solely for the purpose of providing immediate assistance
Ukrainian children and adults who are on the verge of survival.

God bless us all.

Lyudmyla Smolyanyuk,

World for Ukraine Inc.
Founder & Chief executive officer