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National Cancer Institute of Health Ukraine – is one of oldest scientific medical institutes in Ukraine, which was founded July 7, 1920, through the reorganization of radiological central station in the Kyiv radiology X-ray Institute. Institute for the period of its operation has been renamed many times: Kyiv Roentgen-Radiological Institute (1925-1934); Kyiv Research Roentgen-Radiological Institute of the USSR Ministry of Health (1934-1988); Kyiv Research Institute of Oncology (1988-1992); Ukrainian Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Health of Ukraine (1992-2000); Institute of Oncology, Ukraine Academy of Sciences (2000-2008) functioned to February 2008. Starting in 2008 and according to the Decree Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers (dated 24.12.07 № 1186-p) the Institute of Oncology, Ukraine Academy of Sciences was placed under the leadership to Health of Ukraine and according to the Decree Health of Ukraine (09.02.08 № 24-0) was renamed in the State Agency National Cancer Institute. National Cancer Institute has received the national status February 3, 2009 (the Decree of President Ukraine №67/2009).

Previously in the National Cancer Institute was managed by a team of famous scientist’s and oncological specialists in the field of cancer care, such as: an engineer-physicist J.P. Teslenko (1920-1930), A.P. Pomerylo (1 930-1 933), PR. Fishman (1933-1934), Prof. M.I. Shore (1934-1 936), D.A. Grinevich (1 936-1 941), Prof. IT. Shevchenko (1945-1971), Prof. A.I. Pozmohov (1971-1987), Prof. V.L. Ganul (1987-1991), Prof. S.O. Shalimov (1991-2008).
Since April 2008, the National Cancer Institute is headed by the Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Prof. LB. Schepotin M.D., D.Sc.M.

Deputies Head of Institute are: Deputy and Scientific Director of Research LA. Kryachok M.D., D.Sc.M, Deputy and Scientific Organizational Director L.A. Sivak M.D., D.Sc.M; Deputy of development institutions V.V. Kovalchuk;, Scientific Secretary of the Institute
N.N. Dzaitkovska Ph.D. BSc; Head Physician of the Institute clinic I.Y. Lalka M.D.

For historical period 90 years, the institute has made significant contribution to the national treasury and the world of medic science. The institute worked outstanding scientists who ha\ received general recognition of the scientific community, such a O.A. Krontovskyy, V.K. Roche, M.V. Lazarev, N.M. Mayevsk M.O. Mahat, G.B. Bykhovsky, V.M. Ivanov, M.S. Ovoschniko O.R. Alexandria, I.T. Shevchenko, O.A. Gorodetsky, A.I. Pozmohov I.R. Dedkov, S.R Syzenko, I.T. Knish, L.R Kindzelskyy, V.K. Vinnits, M.G. Kononenko, V.O. Chernichenko, V.V. Shishkina, B.F. Synyut; O.R. Boaretal.

For a long time worked at the Institute Honorary Worke of Science and Technology of Ukraine: Prof. V.O. Kiko Prof. W.E. Medvediev, Prof. B.A. Tolstop’yatov, Prof. V.O. Chorni Prof. K.O. Halahin. State Laureate of USSR and Ukraine wen M.S. Ovoschnikov Ph.D.Th.Sc. (winner of the Stalin Prize L.I. Trushkevych D.Sc.M., Prof. I.T. Knysh, Prof. U.Y Grinevyl” Prof. V.A. Baraboy, I.S. Ikolskyy D.Sc.M., Prof. S.O. Shalimov.

The directions of research and practical work are:
– It is studied the cancer pathogenesis. Developing new, improving existing treatment methods and evaluation of the treatment efficacy.
– Development new and improved methods of diagnosis malignancies (histological, cytological, immunological and other).
– Development and implementation of diagnostic radiological methods and determination the prevalence of malignant neoplasm’s.
– Development of methods to overcome radiation and drug resistance of malignant tumors, prevention of relapse and metastases.
– Testing of new medical diagnostic systems and algorithm, for identifying and selecting one of the most effective and economically appropriate and it is prepare recommendations for the use Ukraine, national and international experience.
– Study of the morbidity and mortality in cancer patient: of Ukraine.
– Definition of the survival rate in radically treated cancer patients.
– Development and improvement of methods of cancer control, implementation of scientific and methodical management of oncology Services and Radiology.
– Specialized in-patient and outpatient care.
– Planning and coordination of cancer research multicenter randomized studies to improve the standard of treatment technology on the principles of evidence-based medicine.
– Support of the national research register and monitoring of scientific research on oncology, which are conducted in foreign markets.
– Defining the strategy of Oncology Service in Ukraine to reduce morbidity, mortality and disability from cancer population, the development new methods of rehabilitation, prevention, organization and oversee their implementation.
– Development and coordination of national measures to control of cancer and other implementation tasks of government programs on Oncology.
In the National Cancer Institute with the purpose to unify diagnostic and therapeutic process in oncology Service of Ukraine created and improved standards of treatment and outpatient care.

The purpose to solve the problem control of cancer in Ukraine by the National Cancer Institute was developed a project «National Programme Control of Cancer the period to 2016». This Program was approved by the Law of Ukraine (№ 1794-VI of 23 December, 2009).

The purpose to solve the problem control of cancer in Ukraine by the National Cancer Institute was developed a project «National Programme Control of Cancer the period to 2016». This Program was approved by the Law of Ukraine (№ 1794-VI of 23 December, 2009).
The National Cancer-Registry of Ukraine was established in the Institute. It provides scientific supervision network of regional cancer-registry («Creation of the Ukrainian National Cancer-Registry», the Decree Health of Ukraine, № 10 (January 22, 1996)). A personification database register is a basis for realize of monitoring morbidity and mortality of cancer patients in Ukraine and studying the recurrent state of medical care in oncological patients.
The analysis of cancer epidemiology situation and oncological Service in Ukraine is performed annually. This analysis is included in Bulletin of the National Cancer- Register and also its spread for Health of Ukraine and all regions for the operational management by oncological Service. Data statistics of the National register of cancer about morbidity and death rate from the shrine of population of Ukraine it was first included the International agency from a study cancer WHO’s in international edition of «Cancer Incidence in 5 Continents. Volume X» (A cancer is on 5 continents), that is confirmation of high level information technologies and quality of information in the Ukraine’s National register of cancer.
39 monographs, 28 textbook, textbook. Handbook of Oncology was published in the last 10 years. It was received 164 patents for inventions. It was prepared 80 innovations. 35 guidelines and 30 newsletters have been published.
In the Institute is conducted completion specialist training. On training courses improve workplace skills of doctors from different regions of Ukraine every year. The institute provides training academic staff through residency and postgraduate high quality education school (fellowship). In the Institute are: Specialized Scientific Council on the protection of dissertations for a Doctor’s degree and Ph.D. in the field 14.01.07 -Oncology, 14.01.23 -X-ray diagnostics, radiotherapy. 29 doctoral and 80 master’s theses were defended in the last 10 years.
The Institute has 1289 employees, 119 researchers, including 27 – D.Sc.M. and 78 – Ph.D., 14 professors, 1 corresponding member of NAS and AMS of Ukraine, 3 Honoured Science and Technology, 13 doctors by the Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, 6 laureates of the State bonus of Ukraine.
In 2011 year was forced into application in operation the new surgical corps. For today the bed fund of clinic of burrows makes 600 beds.
In Institute is the onkoradiological clinic function on 56 beds, in addition on the type of beds:
oncologic for adults – 499, oncologic for children – 45, radiological – 56; a consultation policlinic is on 400 visits in a change. In the state of institute 1289 employees, including 119 research workers and 167 doctors.
On the protection of the personnel committee of trade union work is aimed Institute. The collective agreement of the National Cancer Institute, as a result of competition for the Best collective agreement among medical institutions in Kyiv, was considered the best. National Cancer Institute awarded Diploma of Kiev union health workers for engaging the first place in the competition.
The institute is carried out cooperation with international organizations for oncology and radiology, namely: the European Association of Cancer, European Association of Radiologists, the International Association of Lung Cancer, the International Academy of Pathology, European Society for Medical Oncology and others. Scientists are involved in international and national cancer forums.