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Summer of 2014… For the citizens of small metallurgical city Krasnohorivka this summer has become special – truly terrible, military and destructive. We have never thought that THIS can actually become the reality, and we will become heroes of this cruel reality…
July 11, 2014 - first death and the destruction of the neighboring town of Marinka ... July 13, 2014 - Krasnohorivka also learned what death and destruction are ...
In the building of our Music School in the basement of the building, there is an old bomb shelter, which after so many years was very sparse, damp and cluttered. By our own forces and with the help of local residents we cleared everything and opened the back door and 28 people found shelter there for this days.
Every next day crossed out all of our plans for peaceful life: we and children prepared to participate in the Day of the City and the Day of Metallurgist…

July 18, 19 and 20 - is terrible to remember: no water, no electricity, all the shops are closed, transport does not go in any direction. And then very scary day came to us - July 21 ... We lived through this day, and stay near the shelter..
20.00 h. – we were moving down the dried bed in the basement and at 20.15 hours immediately heard barrages of Grad over our head.. The first barrages fall to our square…We didn’t have time to close the relief door and fumes filled the entire room downstairs.

A 10-year-old child and a 60-year-old woman have been cast by the blast wave to the basement – thank God, they survived. Everybody gathered in the basement, looked around - everybody is alive! While ventilating the room, outside felled the darkness, and we didn’t manage to check all the destructions.

The morning of July 22, during the examination of the room we were terrified: the wall was broken, exploded shell were lying on the second floor in the school toilet, windows, frames, roof - everything was broken is very hard everything to describe and to remember. It took a lot of time to recover ourselves. We thank to Good and to the three that faced the explosion.
And then – we were raking out the glass, covering the windows with a waterproof cloth. For our own money, we bought the materials: we restored wooden beams on the roof and covered destroyed part of the roof (150 m2) with a waterproof cloth.

It has been almost two years ago, and we continue to hammer the windows with waterproof cloth and collect water from the roof by our hands, for the water could not get into the classes. We need to save for children the rooms and tools, and possibility to learn. Especially that there is a very great need in that! We really need help!

For small but so strong Krasnohorivka this period is still (unfortunately!) not ended. But this city will survive! Now we know it for sure!