World for Ukraine
"To the Chairman of the Board of the International Public Organisation “Battle Brotherhood with no Frontiers” (“Boyevoye Bratsvo Bez Granits”) Podsolyonov Ye. I. Office 110, Bastionna Street, 11, Kyiv 01014

"Dear Yevgeniy Ivanovych! The staff of the State Special Service of Transport carries out tasks in the sphere of security and defense of railway infrastructure facilities in the regions of Ukraine; renovation of the national transport system facilities; engineering equipment of the borders in the ATO area and mine clearing; security and defense of shipping lock; security and defense of bridges in Kherson region over Kakhovskyi main channel and South Crimean Channel etc. I am writing to request to provide assistance for the State Special Service of Transport in the form of medical equipment and devices, medical sets and medicines for the benefit of the staff employed in the State Special Service of Transport departments performing the duties related to the defense of Motherland.

1. Individual first-aid kits with a tactical tourniquet and a painkiller (IFAK type) – 300 pcs
2. Medical bag of a doctor (his assistant) – 40 pcs
3. pneumatic fixation splints – 40 sets
4. bag-valve-mask – 20 sets
5. HIB fixation vacuum stretcher – 40 sets
6. Schanz cervical collar
7. dental treatment unit – 2 sets
8. Electrocardiograph “YUKARD 100” – 2 pcs
9. Blood tester MicroCC-20Plus
10. Ultrasound therapy device УВЧ-80-01 “Undaterm” – 2 pcs
11. Almag device for magnet therapy with a running pulsed field – 1
12. МАГ 30-4 device for magnet therapy with a timer – 2
13. Device for ultrasound therapy УЗТ 1.01 Ф (ЕМА) – 2 pcs
14. oil inhalers – 2 pcs
15. medical robes (in sizes 46-52)
16. Blood pressure monitor and microstethoscope – 40 sets
17. disinfecting devices (automax) – 40 sets
18. Medicines:
Strepsils with vitamin C in lozenges No. 24 – 300 pcs
Lizak in pills No. 10 – 300 pcs
Vasoconstrictor drops (Nazol) – 50 pcs

Disposable syringes 10.0 and 5.0

Medical dressing, bandages
Polyvitaminic complexes in pills – 500 pcs
Coldrex Hotrem Lemon in sachets No. 10 – 100 pcs

Sincerely yours, Head of the main headquarters – First Deputy Head of the Administration Major-general C. M. Zatolokin"