World for Ukraine
Kyiv City Automobile Club
From the very beginning of the war in eastern Ukraine, the Kyiv City Automobile Club has been constantly helping our military and children living in the anti-terrorist operation zone. Together and individually, we participate in various volunteer activities: we collect and send the necessary things to the soldiers, from socks to technical equipment, we help boarding schools and orphanages in liberated cities or cities close to the battle line. Our girls are constantly on duty and helping wounded soldiers with things and food in Kyiv hospitals.

We have very good and friendly relations with the Slavic boarding school №41, Svytogorsk sanatorium and health center "Emerald Town", Kramatorsk orphanage and Mariupol boarding school №2. We have great respect for the management of these children's institutions, which cares for their children and tries to give them everything they need, even in such difficult times.