World for Ukraine

Mission fund
- financial, material and other assistance
- public gathering donations
- involvement in voluntary charity work all who wish to help people
- promote humane society promote the free development of personality
- promote rehabilitation centers with poor social adaptation.
Founders fund
- individuals, citizens of Ukraine, indifferent to the problems of the poor
- founded as a charity fund, which is a charitable non-governmental and non-profit organization.
Fund created by individuals, indifferent to the problems of any specific persons in need of assistance and country in generally.
The fund was established to charitable activities for the benefit of citizens, orphanages, sick children, to provision medical supplies, equipment and drugs to persons in need, promote their rehabilitation, health care, scientific and military medical facilities.
Principles Fund
- business organization, which laid the percentage of voluntary donations;
- transparency;
- reporting on the use of funds, published on the official website;
- convenient electronic service to individuals and entities who need help, and for any persons wishing to make charitable assistance.