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National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation - one of the largest research institutions of Ukraine, famous for its glorious history and rich traditions, the most authoritative scientific, medical, methodical center, which occupies a leading position in many important areas of surgery.

Today the Institute - the leading surgical clinic of the country, conducting research and providing medical assistance in such fields as abdominal surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, microvascular, reconstructive microsurgery and plastic surgery, transplants of the liver and kidneys, endovascular surgery.

The Institute is equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. In daily practice uses the most advanced medical technologies that meet international standards of traditional methods and mini-invasive surgery (percutaneous intervention under ultrasound, intravascular interventions under the control of fluoroscopy, successfully performed the transplantation of organs and tissues).

The Institute's known in our country and abroad experts of the highest qualification - professors, doctors, PhD in all fields of surgery, laboratory and experimental diagnostics.

Each year, the clinic Institute performed more than 7000 complex reconstructive surgical procedures and high (40 years they performed more than 240 thousand) in the clinic provided advisory - diagnostic help nearly 25 thousand citizens of Ukraine annually.
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