World for Ukraine
From March 2022, World For Ukraine`s team together with the Phoenix
Ranch School community and other volunteers were able to collect 32
boxes of humanitarian aid for Ukrainians. All boxes were shipped to Lviv,
Ukraine to our partner with a total weight of 1,294lb ( 587 кг).
We managed to collect the following:
Medicine - 6 boxes
Baby food, formulas - 1 box
Hygiene - 4 boxes
Diapers -3 boxes
Children's clothing (girls) - 2 boxes
Children's clothing (boys) - 2 boxes
Teenage clothes (girls) - 1 box
Women's clothing - 4 boxes
Men's clothing (t-shirts) - 2 boxes
Female jackets - 1 box
Blankets - 2 boxes
Toys - 3 boxes
Shoes - 1 box
Today, the number one request from Ukraine is medicine. We continue to
collect medical and humanitarian aid to be sent to Ukraine.

Lyudmyla Smolyanyuk