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From the founder

The events of hostile annexation of Crimea territory and recent military actions in Donetsk and Lugansk regions forced more than 1.6 million refugees, 165,000 of which were minor children flee their homes in search of shelter in safer parts of Ukraine and Russia.

According to the information published by the UN Today, 65% of the population of Ukraine now lives below the poverty level, striving to survive daily on a monthly income of 60 to 90 US dollars. Children and adults of all ages are starving and lack access to minimal health care, living everyday on the edge of survival.

Historically Ukraine as a country is one of the most ancient civilizations dating back as far as 30, 000 B.C., and today, its people proudly stand united as one proud, independent, patriotic and peace-loving nation. Ukraine has not experienced such catastrophic war casualties and economic depression it has witnessed today since World War II, and this is why all of us at World for Ukraine, Inc. foundation have taken upon this sacred duty to extend most immediate help to the people in need and help preserve the future of this freedom loving nation.
As the founder of World for Ukraine Inc., I reach out to the compassionate people like you with kind request to help us reach our goals because we can't do this work without your support. And for this reason, I invite you to visit our

ebsite and choose your donation method today. Whether you decide to donate by secure on-line donation or by purchasing an item from our on-line store or auction, please know that your money will only be used to provide immediate assistance to Ukrainian children and adults living in poverty today.

God Bless All.
Lyudmyla Smolyanyuk
World for Ukraine, Inc.
Founder & CEO