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Our mission

Our mission is to provide an immediate assistance to the individuals and families whose health and welfare were severely impacted as a result of the devastating war in the Eastern regions of Ukraine.

Our mission is to extend assistance to those individuals and families which are in the most desperate need of nutritional food, clean water, medication and access to medical and rehabilitation services. And for thousands of stranded refugees which abandoned their war zone homes in search of protection from the military activities, our mission is to provide them with the minimum essentials of the mankind, food and shelter.

Our mission is to provide care for the thousands of abandoned animals left behind without food and fresh water. Lack of animal shelters causes thousands of homeless animals starve and suffer in absence of medical care.

Our mission is to establish meal, food and water distribution centers, health clinics, rehabilitation centers for the war victims and last but not least, new animal shelters.

For the above reasons, we turn to the compassionate people of the world with kind request to choose a donation method today and to join us in our mission of providing lifesaving necessities and essentials to the disadvantaged victims of the brutal war.