They had both studied in Leningrad at their times.
They even had an apartment. But she stayed in Donetsk.

They had a son, too. A liquidator of Chernobyl disaster. Who died of strong irradiation.
They had a fridge. And a washing machine. But those were destroyed by shell fragments.

They have a house in Avdeevka, too. Where they fled from Donetsk, as the war had burst there earlier. Then, a shell bombarded their house here, in Avdeevka. When they were inside the house.
It all happened too quickly: a whiz, an explosion at the yard, and a wall crashed over the old men.It was crashing slowly and terribly. And what about the old women? She was crying and not knowing where to hide. For shell bombardments, they were bursting and showering all round. It all resembled slow-motion pictures.

And no one helped them. Emergency aid brigades and fire-fighters did not come into that part of Avdeevka. It was impossible to perform under bombardments.
The old woman was pulling the man out of debris for herself. He had avulsed wounds all around his body. They doctored his wounds as best they could. For themselves. With the help of drug inventories found at home.
They repaired the house themselves, too. That`s how they live: with their bodies and souls` gaps filled...
When we entered, they had their dinner served on the stool in the waiting room. They use it as a table. They shared their skimpy meal with animals whom they have sheltered.

It is very cold inside their house. The old people heat water in bottles and take them into a bedroom, under the blanket.
Skimpy meal, dirty clothes and destroyed house.
He worked as an engineer, she was a teacher. They had a family and a hope for prosperous comfortable sunset years. Now he is a disabled person, and she is the only support for him. They are all alone in the world. Hardly would anyone want to have the similar future...


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