Evgeniya Antonovna

Yevgeniya Antonovna was born in Kalmykia. Her children and grandchildren are all in Russia or Belarus. But she is here, in continuously bombarded Avdeevka. Which is in Ukraine. But she doesn't want to leave, she doesn't want to change her citizenship. She wants to be buried here, on the Ukrainian land.

That's how we started our dialogue.
When you are 90 years old, you get weary of being afraid. However, you become wiser and get your own position.
Yevgeniya Antonovna can hardly be attributed with a status of a grandmother. She is rather serious, even strict woman. A woman of an unbending spirit. Neither bombardments, nor hard health condition of her daughter who need to be taken care of for seven consecutive years now have affected this woman. Her daughter has multiple sclerosis. Besides, she lives in another country. So the old woman of such an age has to make frequent trips.

But instead of talking in a manner common for old people, Yevgeniya Antonovna starts to speak of her brother. She cant get past her memory of him for many tens of years. The elder brother was awarded with two honours. He was a hero. She spent only 2 years at war to become a hero. But he died. This woman wants to find his burial place of the World War II.

We brought her medicines, which would help her heart to sustain the bombardments.
But memory of generations was even more important for her heart...
You never know what may turn up...


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