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Fundraising for Anastasia Yarosh for treatment, surgery and postoperative chemotherapy

Andriichuk Oksana, a single mother of 13-year-old Anastasia asked our fund for help. They faced a trouble, her daughter is sick, she has a terrible diagnosis: Ewing's sarcoma of left humerus.

Over the 6 months, the doctors in  district and regional hospitals treat rheumatoid arthritis, she took antibiotics regularly, underwent medical tests, did Ultrasound Investigation, but Nastia was getting worse, she often complained of pain in her hand. In Kyiv Institute of Cardiology, she was examined by doctor and sent to the Institute of Traumatology where she underwent an MRI and they suggested that it was Ewing's sarcoma. The doctor said that Nastia has only few days left to live. The Cancer Institute suggested to undergo an examination, which was to last for about a month. Desperate mother could not wait, and took her daughter for examination to Israel.

In Israel they underwent examination, the diagnosis of Ewing's sarcoma was confirmed. But they already had no money for treatment and surgery in Israel, so they returned to Ukraine.

Today Nastia underwent the 4th course of chemotherapy at Kyiv Oncology Center. There are two courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to undergo, followed by complex operation and then again from 8 to 12 courses of chemotherapy.

"My Daughter- says Mother – loves studying, she draws, she used to go to the choir, she writes poetry, she started to learn how to play guitar."

Currently, she is undergoing the 5th course of chemotherapy in the Kyiv City Clinical Cancer Center. Address – Kyiv, 69 Verkhovynna Str.

The cost of one course of chemotherapy is 40 thousand UAH ($ 1,600), we will need about 10 more courses of chemotherapy. The operation will be carried out in Kyiv, and it costs 500 thousand UAH ($ 20,000).

Mother Oksana lives together with Nastia and her parents. I’m raising the daughter alone, because my husband and I divorced when she was 1 year old. Nastia's father does not help us, even though we live in the same village. He is even not paying, and has never paid child support. I am working, my parents are retired, but this money is not enough. We will be GRATEFUL FOR ANY HELP!


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