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Praskoviya Porfirievna, born in 1927.

Darkness has already fallen. Town dwellers, who found themselves near the battle line, don't leave their homes at such time and don't let anybody in.

But an elderly woman Praskoviya did let us in. Being a smiling and cute person, she opened the doors and only at the end of our dialogue she realized that her niece would yell at her for it. She have no relatives, except for her niece.
Then we started our slow delivery. Praskoviya Porfirievna was talking of her favourite singers of the previous century (for she will be 90 years old the next year), of the times when she was a needlewoman and sewn fashionable clothes, and the times of her youth. She was averse to spend her evening watching TV again. And she had no desire to speak of war. But the loneliness, it was more frightful for her. And the elderly woman Praskoviya started to speak of war. The war she found herself at in 2014. And in 2015.

She put her glasses on, then, having got worried, she put another pair of glasses on over the first one. Praskoviya Porfirievna was pouring forth jokes, laughing at her fears, and finding comic situations. It was anxiety that betrayed traces of her actual attitude to the current circumstances.

When she was hiding in the basement of a multi-storey building for a whole month till 1-3 a.m. To wait out bombardments to abate. How she was walking up and down with a small stool. How she was searching for water all over the town. How many fragments she found on the streets. Not a big deal for a woman of 89 years old - to spend time in such a manner.

She was turning back in her memory to the period of life that left in the Soviet Union. We were thinking of "today", of such old people and their destinies. News was broadcast on the television. From the unrecognised Donetsk republic. We heard sounds of a far cannonade outside the window. Those were heavy bombardments...


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