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They need help

Fundraising for Anastasia Yarosh for treatment, surgery and postoperative chemotherapy

07 july, 2016
Andriichuk Oksana, a single mother of 13-year-old Anastasia asked our fund for help. They faced a trouble, her daughter is sick, she has a terrible diagnosis: Ewing's sarcoma of left humerus. Over the 6 months, the doctors in  district and regional hospitals treat rheumatoid arthritis, she took antibiotics regularly, underwent medical tests, did Ultrasound Investigation, but Nastia was getting worse, she often complained of pain in her hand. In Kyiv Institute of Cardiology, she was examined by doctor and sent to the Institute of Traumato...


06 july, 2016
URGENTLY! BRAIN SURGERY REQUIRED! The life price is 68 900 Euro   Olezhka Timoshyn, 5 years old Urgent collecting for the operation of the ...

Praskoviya Porfirievna, born in 1927.

11 march, 2016
Darkness has already fallen. Town dwellers, who found themselves near the battle line, don't leave their homes at such time and don't let anybody in. ...

Sergey Jakovlevich

11 march, 2016
We are approaching his home.There are buckets with coal at the door, but it is cold inside: the old man has accustomed to live below one`s means. We d...


11 march, 2016
They had both studied in Leningrad at their times.They even had an apartment. But she stayed in Donetsk. They had a son, too. A liquidator of Chernob...

Evgeniya Antonovna

11 march, 2016
Yevgeniya Antonovna was born in Kalmykia. Her children and grandchildren are all in Russia or Belarus. But she is here, in continuously bombarded Avde...

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