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The ongoing Ukrainian crisis has affected animals as much as it has displaced humans. Pets are left behind as residents flees to safer places, without any shelter or food.Inhabitants of dilapidated Zoos are exposed to risk of health problems and starvation, as government funds are redirected elsewhere. Animals and the environment at large are endangered by the aftermath of the violence that has plagues the nation.

Support animal and environmental cause by funding for animal food, shelter, medicines, conservation of wildlife and others.


Each animal shelter needs about 5 tons of feed for a few months. From year to year the number of homeless animals in Ukraine is one day steadily increasing, and another day reducing, but the solution of the problem is still very far away. There are not enough state funds for the animal shelters, and volunteers are fighting for the animals’ rights only with the support of concerned like-minded people.

Do you or someone you know need help?

Request assistance from World For Ukraine, Inc. organization
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