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Ukrainian veterans who’ve gone at war, unlike soldiers of a regular army haven’t passed through any cursory check up. As a result of which, most veterans post war have shown signs of post-traumatic test syndrome.

Besides this, there’ve been other problems including alcohol and drug dependence. As a result, those who return from war are likely to find it especially difficult to readapt to society, their families and jobs; and thus fall into depression or criminal activity.

"Crudely speaking, good boys will destroy themselves; bad ones will destroy everything around them..."- Paul A Goble

Hence, World for Ukraine needs your help, more than ever to stop this self-destructive tendency of the veterans by providing them with the help they need in form of therapy.

Your donation will most definitely improve the dismal lives of Ukrainians.

Let’s make this world a better place to live in.

According to the State Service for Veterans of War and Participants of Anti-terrorist Operation (ATO), only around 127 000 people have received the status of the combat veteran. Now 80,000 people are demobilized or dismissed.

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