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With each passing day the number of families in Ukraine losing their last sources of income is increasing. Mass discharges of employees, non-payment of salaries and total rise of prices for essential goods are doing their bit. Tough economic situation in Ukraine forces old people whether to steal goods in supermarkets or to eat them right there. The poor and old people will not be able to recover from this shock, they will just die out.

We are facing a serious issue – to save people! The poor and old people in Ukraine are not that opportunistic. Their only hope is the help of local authorities and good people.
People need a chance to survive!!!

The number of pensioners in Ukraine reaches 12 million. Every fourth Ukrainian lives on the breadline. The average pension in Ukraine is about $ 58 dollars per month. That is why many Ukrainian pensioners are forced to cut down the expenses even on food and medicines.

Do you or someone you know need help?

Request assistance from World For Ukraine, Inc. organization
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