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According to a Unicef press release, 147 schools have been closed in parts of the Donetsk region where fighting is ongoing, disrupting the education of about 50,000 children since September 1. While some schools are in ruins, others are closed because of safety concerns.

In government- controlled areas, 187 educational institutions in total have been damaged or destroyed, Unicef said. The closures mean that besides lessons, children are missing out on the stability and routine that can be provided by school at a time of crisis, helping to alleviate their stress, the agency

Of Ukraine’s eight million children some 96,000 live in state-run children’s institutions such as orphanages, boarding schools and shelters. Family poverty, unemployment, alcoholism and drug use are the main reasons for children being abandoned.

Thousands of children also choose to run away from violence in their homes. They find refuge on the streets where they run the risk of contracting tuberculosis and HIV through injecting drugs. Many children leave home because they have been left to fend for themselves while their parents have migrated abroad to find work.

More than 1.7 million children in conflict-torn areas of eastern Ukraine face an "extremely serious" situation. Children continue to bear the brunt of the conflict, with schooling disrupted and access to basic services limited.

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